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Teaching Economics, Business Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Financial Modelling on campus and online on eLearning AnEc. All courses are interactive, full of learning modulation and rich of learning resources both online and in campus.

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I am actively participating in research in economics, business and finance with major area of research being the Applied Econometrics, Applied Statistics in the domain of Economics, Finance, Business and other Social Sciences.

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I provide professional and academic consultancy in the area of Applied Econometrics and Multivariate Statistics in the area of Industrial Research, PhD studies, Academic research, financial modelling and Business Analysis.


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stata expertTop 1% statistical and econometrics consultant, experienced in all types of academic consultancy, tutorials on academic report writing, business report writing and expert level programmer in R, Python, Matlab, Stata, Eviews, SPSS, RATS, SAS, GAUSS and JavaScript, with strong exposure, relevant experience and teaching/research expertise in the same field of study. The professionals has an established history of successfully completed projects Predictive Modelling, Healthcare, Econometrics, Statistics, Value at Risk, Options Pricing, Stock Evaluation, Pairs Trading and Back-testing using R, Matlab, Stata, SPSS, Eviews, RATS and GAUSS with excellent reviews on Elance. My background education is in Economics, Statistics and Econometrics from Sheffield University, UK.
Teaching at a QS rated university and online on a well known eLearning portal. The modules taught online or on campus included are in area of Economics, Business Statistics, Business Research and Quantitative Business Analysis. The freelance experience also include development of online courses which are designed to teach excellent skills in research and data analysis and tutorials on report writing which are based on 8 years of experience as academic researcher. Also, teaching all courses with advanced contents in the areas of Qualitative Data Analysis, Factor Analysis, Principle Component Analysis, Power and Sample Size determination for Survival Studies, Analysis of Open ended surveys and interviews, Multivariate Time Series techniques in VAR/VECM, VARX, SVAR, Multivariate GARCH, ARDL and Bayesian Multivariate Time Series Methods. With excellent success rate of successfully defending their thesis, more than 25 PhD students completed their theses getting supervision for the component in Statistical Analysis for their PhD thesis.
Online courses are broadly in the following categories beside the Common Courses in Economics:
1. Advanced Econometrics Modelling using Stata, R, Matlab and Eviews
2. Advanced Financial Econometrics using R and Matlab
3. Advanced Multivariate Statistics using SPSS and Stata
4. Qualitative Data Analysis using R, Stata and SPSS 5. Text, Audio and Survey Analysis using Nvivo

An Economist

An Economist profession specializing in Applied Economic Analysis of Business and Enterprise be it a small firm or large corporation.

An Econometrician

An Econometrician by skills specializing in Advanced Econometrics Techniques using the Panel, Time Series and Cross Sectional Data.

Expert Statistician

Expert Statistician providing expert opinion in Multivariate Statistics and Qualitative Data Analysis both for academic and corporate clients.

Top Consultant

Consultant for Business Analysis, Management Efficiency and Financial modelling of your desired corporate strategies.