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AnEconomist team is specialist in Econometrics, Statistics and Data Analysis using Stata, Eviews, SPSS, SmartPLS, WarpPLS, Amos, R Programming, Python NumPi, Python SciPy, Python Panda and other sophisticated Data Sciences and Data Visualization Tools like Tableau, RapidMinor and Simulations in Simul8. Our team members provided research supervision and PhD level courses and training in Econometrics, Statistics and Data Analysis in all of the desired software tools. You can request a custom project support related to Econometrics, Statistics and Data Analysis for your research, thesis, article writing, grants-report writing, business research reports. 

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Providing freelance research assistance in Statistics and Data Analysis to academics and business professionals to provide support in deep learning on the project specific analysis.


Helping you in Econometric Analysis of all the economic and financial datasets to develop forecasting and predictive models for academics and businesses.

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Freelancer in Econometrics, Freelancers in Statistics and Freelancer in Data Analysis providing professional freelance assistance in Research and Analysis.

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Do you have any question in mind within the subject mater of Econometrics, Statistics, Data Analysis or Economics? We are here to answer all your questions with deep analysis of literature, books, journals, magzines and professional research repositories to help you get the best answer based on our trained research skillsets. Our team members will explain the answer in the simplest possible but very detailed with all technical requirements. You can send us your question and we will offer you a proposed solution  and along with that, we will invoice you based on a project terms to agree for the answers with multiple revisions so as to ensure the best answer based on your requirements. Now, ask all your questions in Econometrics, Statistics and Data Analysis.

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Teaching Economics, Statistics and Econometrics in a Business School and online at the Elearning Center. Enroll now for a customized course today in Econometrics or Statistics.

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Consultant Economist and Econometrician providing business analytics for developing forecasting solutions and predictive models for businesses.

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Professor of Economics and Statistics teaching graduate and undergraduate level courses in Economics, Statistics, Quantitative Techniques and Research.

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Profile of Econometrics Specialist, Professor Muhammad Anees

Econometrician Freelancer Anees

Globally recognized, I am an expert data scientist and statistical consultant, member of data science central (a global community of experts), Americal Economic Association (AES), Royal Economic Society (RES), International Health Economics Association (iHEA),  and have been advising PhD candidates in Econometrics. I am experienced in all types of academic, report and business writing with expert level programming skills in C++, Java, R, Python, Matlab, Stata, Eviews, SPSS, RATS, SAS, GAUSS and JavaScript, I have strong exposure, relevant teaching/research experience in the same field of economics and statistics. I have a history of completed projects in applied econometrics and statistics for business evaluation, Value at Risk, Options Pricing, Stock Evaluation, Pairs Trading and Backtesting using most commonly appreciated statistical languages. My background education is in economics, statistics and econometrics from The University of Sheffield, UK.

Anees has been teaching courses in Economics, Research Methods and Statistics at graduate and undergraduate levels at the campus. His main area of specialization is Applied Economics and Applied Econometrics and Statistics. The specific courses he has been teaching includes Business Economics, Business Mathematics, Research Methods, Statistical Inference and Quantitative Techniques. He trains his students in using the standard packages to get analytics related to data and research. The specialist softwares include Stata, SPSS, SmartPLS, WarpPLS and Eviews. On the other hand, he has been teaching specialist courses in Econometrics and Statistics to research students and provide trainings in Stata, SPSS, Eviews, R, Matlab, Minitab, SmartPLS and WarpPLS to students in Economics and Finance.

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Muhammad Anees is a professional economist with experience in consultancy in research and business intelligence. His consultancy is based on freelance econometrics and freelance statistics solutions provisions related to Data Analysis and Research Reports for business objectives. He is also providing research consultancy to academic community related to Data Analysis and Econometric Analysis for Research Projects on freelance terms or co-authorship. It is pertinent to mention that he recognized author by AuthorAID and ORIC.

Anees is providing research support related to data analysis with the following specialisation in Econometrics and Economic Analysis.

Applied Econometrics using Eviews, Stata, R and Matlab
Panel Data Analysis using Stata, R and Eviews
Time Series Analysis using Stata, Eviews, R, RATS and Matlab
Qualitative Data Analysis using SPSS Modeller SPSS Text Analysis, Nvivo and LaxiMencer
Business Research Methods with research assistance and research supervision
Data Sciences and Statistical Computing related to academic and business research projects and technical solutions.
Please contact him here for your project discussion if you need any assistance related to data analysis and researh support.